My heatmap do not work properly.

In order for the heatmap feature to work properly, you must set up the feature correctly. This article will show you what to review and how to fix it.

The main reason for the heatmap feature to not work properly is that the URL is not as exact as what it is shown on the address bar. Take this as an example, if the product page on your website is (e.g. and you set up the heatmap for, it won't work.

The reason is that there's a backslash at the end /, and on the correct URL configuration there's no backslash.

The URL for the heatmap must be the same as what you see on your browser. Any custom parameters or identifier (define by ?, and what's after the ? is considered as any custom parameters).

If you put an URL with custom parameters or identifier (e.g., the heatmap will only work when a user access this exact URL.

We highly suggest you use a general URL such as (e.g.

The other troubleshooting to do is to Retake snapshots, this will reset all data taken from all the clicks so far. This usually fixes all issues when the heatmap do not gather any data anymore. This may happen if you have updated the design of your website or other design modification.