How are my billing information processed?

Understand how we process your payment information for more transparency.

At Jitt, your privacy is really one of our priority concerns. We try to always go beyond and provide you with a transparent solution when it comes to your data. When a user provides us with payment information to purchase a subscription, we use a third-party to process your billing information.

What we mean by the process is to charge your against for paying your subscription fees. In our case, we use Stripe to process your billing information.

Stripe (Stripe Inc,) is a known company to process credit card payment for a lot of large companies (such as Slack, DigitalOcean, Shopify, Kickstarter and much more). They provide a secure environment for us to provide our clients with a safer way to pay for our services with peace of mind.

Stripe is PCI compliant which allows the company to store credit cards and billing information securely. Stripe is the only authorized company to process payment and billing information on behalf of Jitt.

Stripe stores your billing information safely with the same encryption and security level as of a bank.

When paying One-Time Payment (unique payment):

  • Your billing information is processed by Stripe Inc.

  • Billing information is not stored on Stripe's servers.

When paying with recurrent payment-enabled (automatic payment/autorenewal):

  • Your billing information is processed by Stripe Inc.

  • Billing information is stored on Stripe's servers.

By cancelling your subscription, this will remove all your billing information from Stripe.

If you have any concerns about our payment processing provider, please create a ticket so we can understand and answer your concerns. Your business is highly appreciated.