Get to know our heatmaps feature that allow you to optimize efficiently your website layout.

This feature is no longer in BETA, but since it is currently in early production release there's might be bugs. This product is except from our Service Level Agreement.

Create your heatmaps

Heatmaps works per single webpage, we highly suggest you to create a heatmaps for your homepage or any page that has high traffic such as campaign landing page.

Add your first heatmaps.

To add your first heatmaps, please go on the left sidebar and click on the heatmaps tab. Once you are there, please click on this button to create your heatmaps.

Follow the wizard to create your heatmaps.

Fill out the form to create your wizard.

After creating your heatmaps, you should see a page like this.

You can click on the icon in small (desktop, tablets and mobile) to see your heatmaps.

Any icons thats has a blue tint means it has collected data, otherwise if it's grey out it means no data has been collected yet. Data are collected once a visitor with a specific devices visit the page. On this image, we can see that the tablet icon is grey out which means no visitor with a tablets has visited this page yet.

Access your heatmaps.

To access your heatmaps, please click on the device type that you want to see.

Troubleshoot your heatmaps.

Having some difficulties accessing your heatmaps properly. Try resetting the heatmaps data.

By resetting the heatmaps data, you'll lose all data gathered for this heatmaps.

Click the desired heatmaps that you want to reset.

You can do it in two differents ways.

On the main page for the Heatmaps, you'll see three dots. Click on it to show a menu and then select Retake Snapshots.

On the selected screen type, you'll find a three dots. Click on it to show a menu.