Data Processing Policy

Understand our Data Processing Policy about your Jitt account.

One of the main reasons to why should you choose this product over anything else on the web. All the tracked data will be fully owned by you and nobody else. If you decide to delete your account or the data retention policy arrive at expiration it will be definitively deleted from our servers.

Our product supports Opt-Out for your visitors, respects DNT (Do not track), no IP addresses are being collected. We want to be really transparent when it come to data processing and disclose what you need to know before using the product.

All data are stored within secure facility across the globe at our infrastructure partner Digital Ocean. You can learn more on their website at to understand how do they keep data intergrity and security at top notch level. We also partner with CloudFlare in order to offer awesome and speed customer experience with our product.

They provide us with Content Delivery Network, Infrastructure Security and network analytics. Jitt or any of our partners do not have access to your data. All data related to your account are encrypted at the highest standard available. Usually AES-256 BIT and transmitted between servers that has SSL certificat.