My payment got declined.

Understand what can prevent a transaction to go through.

Most of the time, the card get declined by your bank for the following common reasons. We have created this article to explain why we might not be able to process your card on file.

Double-check your billing information.

To prevent fraud and abuse. We verify with the bank the following information. In order to process the transactions these informations must match your bank or card issuer file.

  • Full name (including middle name).

  • Billing address (to prevent decline, make to sure to write the same address as what you bank or card issuer might have on file, e.g. 303-123 Main Street/Ave/Blvd.)

  • Phone number or business phone (if applicable).

For security purposes, we might put on hold your transaction for additional manual verification, if our system or payment processing provider think your transaction is scoring high in our fraud radar system.

To prevent this to happen, please make sure to write the same information as what your bank or card issuer have on file.

Check expiration date and CCV.

Your credit card may arrive at expiration which means your bank might have sent you a renewal card with a new expiry and CCV code (three digits behind the card).

Once you receive your card and have called the bank to activate it (if applicable), you'll need to update your credit card information on your Jitt account.

CCV might be also known as CVC depending on the bank issuer or the country.

Verify if your card has enough funds to cover the purchase.

Your card may not have enough funds to cover because of the following:

  • Having a few pending (authorized) transactions will play with the available credit for purchases.

  • Check the available credit on your card. If you don't have enough funds available, please make a payment to release funds.

  • Had a big refund processed on your card that was supposedly covering this transaction? Your bank may take up to 30 days to post the refund in your account.

Call your bank.

You bank might have blocked the transaction for the following reasons:

  • Your bank or card issuer might thought this transaction was fraudulent or suspicious. Contact your bank to remove the hold and then try again to process the transaction. Since Jitt is a Canadian company, your bank might think a foreign transaction is more suspicious to be fraudulent than a local merchant.

  • At the moment of the transaction, you card might had a block on the account. Please contact your bank or card issuer for more information regarding the card.