How to get preferential annual pricing?

This article will explain you how to receive your annual commitment discount applied when purchasing a new subscription.

If you are upgrading from an existing account, just simply proceed from step #1. Please make sure to follow the appropriate step. This article has additional part, if you don't have an existing account which are not required during the process if you do upgrade from an existing account.

If you don't have an existing account.

Please follow this part of the article, if you don't actually have an account with Jitt and are interested to purchase a paid plan on an annual commitment. This will allow you to get up to 10% discount on the price if you had stayed one year and paid the monthly pricing.

If by example you had subscribe to a plan that cost $22 per month and stayed 12 months or a year. It would cost you under the monthly committment $264. If you had choose to prepaid for the whole year then it would have cost you $242 which results to a saving of $22.

1. Head over our Pricing/Upgrade page to select the desired plan.

To continue and start the registration process, we need you to choose the plan you want to purchase. Please go to our pricing page or upgrade page to select the desired plan, so we can go ahead and create an account/proceed with the subscription setup.

Once you have find out which plan is the best for your needs. Please click on Purchase Plan button found on the button of the plan.

A screenshot of the pricing page.

2. Creating a new account.

Skip this step if you are upgrading from an existing account.

Once you have clicked on Purchase Plan, you'll be redirected to the page to create a new account. Please fill out the form and click on Register. A successful message in a green alert box should tell you to confirm your email.

Please proceed with the email activation sent to the email provided while the registration.

3. Subscription configuration.

Once you have succesfully confirmed your email. You should be redirected to a page similar to this. If you do not, please skip to the next step.

To ensure you are receiving the appropriate discount. You need to set up your subscription settings to Annual Payments. Once this is selected by clicking on Annual Payments, you can double-check other parameters and click on Checkout to proceed with the payment.

Once the payment is confirmed and authorized by your bank and our payment provider approved the transaction. Most of the time, your account will be instantly upgraded to the desired plan after the payment.

In some rare case if our fraud system think your transaction might be riskier for fraud, it may put a hold for manual verification. In that case, you would be contacted by our team for further verification before we can process the payment.

Go to the Account Plan Management page.

Ignore this step if you upgrading from an existing account.

If after clicking on the email confirmation sent by Jitt, you are not redirected to the correct page, please visit this page. Before clicking on this link, please make sure you are logged in.