Add your first website

Learn how to add your first website profile on your account.

Add your website

Now, we will add your first website in your account. Make sure you have a published and hosted website ready to have visitor before proceeding. Otherwise, wait until your website is done before proceeding.

Click on this blue button to open the wizard to configure your new website.

Our Standard plan which is our free plan has a limit of one website. If you have more than one website, you can upgrade to our Standard+ or Enhanced+ plan here.

Follow the configuration wizard

Fill out this wizard to add your new website on your account.

Fill out the wizard properly.

In this wizard, you need enter all the required settings on all fields.

  • Name: enter your website name (you can use whatever you want).

  • Website: enter the correct website url (including the / and if your page has a subdirectory such as /en or /fr, please include it).

  • Enable the tracking features you want to use with your website such as Visitor Events and Session Replays.

Once, everything is filled out your website is properly added. You should now receive a tracking code which will be needed to add on each page or header file (template).

Add your tracking code.

Please add your tracking code between the head tags. It is usually found at the top of your webpage.

<meta charset="utf-8">
<title>Your Title</title>
Add your tracking here

Verify your script installation

If you want to make sure that you installed the script properly, this is how you do it.

Go to your websites tabs available on the tab in the sidebar in your left. Then select the desired website and click on the tracking code button on your right side.

A new internal window should open and click on Verify tab. You should then see a window like this.

Click on Verify.